Welcome to Kogudus Renewal Ministry

KOGUDUS is a retreat…

~Getting away from daily demands.

~Spending quality time with God and friends in faith.

KOGUDUS is for the laity…

~to take part in a renewal ministry of the Church.

~to gain an understanding and an appreciation of the “Priesthood of all believers.”

~to develop leadership with pastoral guidance.

KOGUDUS is fellowship…

~It’s an Estonian word for Christian fellowship.

~It’s a response to Jesus’ prayer “that they may be one” (John 17:11).

~It’s Christ’s family being drawn close together in prayer, in worship, in study of God’s Word, and in service for Christ.

KOGUDUS is fun…

~by being accepted as you are.

~allowing monotones to sing with gusto next to soloists.

~in sharing uplifting humor.

KOGUDUS is a meaningful challenge…

~to match our God-given gifts with the needs of our neighbor as servants of Christ.

KOGUDUS is an opportunity…

~to grow in faith.

~to deepen our relationships with family, friends, and others.

~to serve Christ out of a sense of thanksgiving and joy.


The way it works:

Pastors and laity are invited to take part in a Kogudus retreat or one day seminar for spiritual renewal.  After attending a Kogudus event, they may sponsor and help lead one in their own area.  Information and training are provided by the Executive Director and volunteer leaders.  Events have been held in such venues as churches, Bible camps, prisons, retreat centers, college campuses, hotels, motels, parsonages, retirement homes, and even cow pastures!

The Executive Director, Rev. Greg Karlsgodt, may be contacted at gk@kogudus.org or 406-544-1699.

Administrative Assistant, Jenny Kunka, may be contacted at kogudus.renewal@gmail.com or 406-564-5268

Our mailing address and home office is:

Kogudus Renewal Ministry

1326 1st Ave. N., Rm. 17

Great Falls, MT 59401

“I believe Kogudus has the seeds of great promise. The transforming power of Christianity is best released when it is expressed and experienced in smaller groups and through individuals.”
Dr. Bernhard Christensen
Professor Emeritus
St. Paul, MN

“Silence and solitude are the furnace in which transformation takes place and results in deeds of love.”
Henri Nouwen
Author and Theologian
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