Kogudus Programs

The purpose of Kogudus is to provide renewal and affirmation. Through a series of one day seminars and weekend retreats, Kogudus programs offer participants an opportunity to be renewed in their faith and commitment to Christ and to become affirmed in their ministry. They all promote the message of Christ (KERYGMA), fellowship in Christ (KOINONIA) and service for Christ (DIAKONIA). The venues for these retreat seminars have included retreat centers, hotels, churches, Bible camps, college campuses, houses, prisons and even a cow pasture! Pastors and laity serve together on teams – not only to conduct each event – but to develop partnership in the Gospel and leadership.

Original Weekend Retreat

(Available in English, Finnish, German and Estonian)

K-1 “FAITH AND LIFE”~reviews basic teachings of Christianity based on Scripture and seeks renewal for our commitment to Christ, to his Church and to his Call to serve and to fulfill our ministry.  The Apostles’ Creed is the main focus. This is the original retreat offered by K.R.M. (Available in English, Finnish, German & Estonian).


K-2 “LAMENT & LAUGHTER”  connects our losses to the cross and our joys to the resurrection.  We have a built-in need to grieve and to rejoice as we face the ups and downs of daily life.  St. Paul writes: “Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep” (Romans 12:15).  As we support others in their need to rejoice and weep, we experience healing and wholeness ourselves.

K-3 “CONTRAST COMMUNITY” is a study of our Lord’s Sermon on the Mount and encourages us to practice Christ’s teachings as we relate to sisters and brothers in the faith as well as those outside the Church.  The way of God are in contrast to the ways of the world.  We are called to love our enemies and to be peacemakers.  (James L. Bailey’s book, CONTRAST COMMUNITY, inspired this retreat).

K-4 “Covenant Living” God’s covenant with the people of Israel is the Biblical basis for this retreat for couples.  We explore God’s gracious way of providing for us and forgiving us and how we are called to live generously and graciously in our relationships with each other as brothers and sisters in Christ.

“Ministry in Daily Life” Series and One Day Seminars

M1 “FAITH AND WORK” is an introduction to Ministry in Daily Life as a search for meaning and a consultation with laity on their Christian vocation.

M2 “SPIRITUALITY OF THE ORDINARY” is a follow up to “Faith and Work” and addresses spirituality in daily living and how Christian vocation affects all we do.

M3 “THIRD STAGE REFLECTIONS” “Third Stage Reflections” is a one day seminar for those 50 years and older that provides a meaningful opportunity to reflect on a life of blessings and losses in a world in which we have experienced major changes.

BL “BLOOM WHERE YOU ARE PLANTED” is a weekend retreat designed to assist participants in discovering and fulfilling their God-given calling and purpose for their lives and daily ministries.

PEOPLE TO PEOPLE CARING MINISTRIES (Opportunities for witness and service for those who have been involved in Kogudus Renewal Ministry):

PM “FAITH AND LIFE” adapted to prison settings. This is great way to share the Gospel with those who hunger for freedom and purpose!

PC “PEOPLE CARE” seminars are designed to assist congregations with their ministry with those who have been hurt or burdened by any kind of adverse circumstances on their life’s journey. Bringing these people together helps them to define their own needs, to support each other and to make recommendations to develop a caring and supportive ministry.

PR “SOJOURNERS IN RECOVERY” is a weekend retreat for Christians who are taking part in 12 Step programs (e.g., A.A., N.A., Alanon or A.C.O.A.). Participants will enjoy Christian fellowship as they discover the Biblical origins of the 12 Steps. This retreat helps Christians integrate their faith more deeply with their recovery as they make the journey from dependency and co-dependency to freedom and meaningful ministry!

For information on how Kogudus can be introduced and used, contact us.