Harvesting for Eternity by Jerry Crane

Harvesting for Eternity by Jerry Crane

Kogudus Renewal Ministry is glad to recommend the book, Harvesting for Eternity by Jerry Crane. Jerry and his wife, Vicki, served as Kogudus retreat leaders for over 35 years. Jerry died unexpectedly in 2006, but his faithful witness lives on in his homilies compiled by Vicki and published in this book. Read how the Holy Spirit used Kogudus to inspire Jerry to experience an ever expanding adventure in ministry for Jesus Christ.

Learn more at: www.harvestingforeternity.com



Comments from those who have attended Kogudus Renewal Ministry Retreats:

“Believe me, when I say that Kogudus has changed men’s lives and it will not be forgotten. I pray that these Kogudus groups will continue and that here at our prison we can look forward to many more.”
A Prisoner

“I can’t express passionately enough…the significance that Kogudus has had in my life. It was through Kogudus that I learned the value of serving and of having a ministry that I could claim as my own. It taught me that everyone needs to have a ministry…and it is by serving that we receive many of the spiritual blessings that God has reserved just for us. Being involved in ministry is a great thing; but taking ownership of it and then giving it back to God to use to further his Kingdom is simply exhilarating.”
Ron Leverich, Mahomet, Illinois (reflecting on his experience in Kogudus prison ministry)


“Kogudus was a life changing experience for me. I’ve grown up with the church and have always considered faith a part of my life that was just there. Since Kogudus, I have changed. I’ve formed a new, much closer relationship with God and with many people in my life. I use my faith to help me through everyday and know because God is with me, I will be all right”
(A Montana teenager).

“Everyday since the retreat, I have felt more joy in my life and in my relationships with family and friends…”
Lori Madgwick
Missoula, Montana

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